Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alter Egos

Yesterday, I watched my cat
communing with her alter egos,
two to be exact.

Through the glass door
she stared at them, wondering
if they were feline ghosts perhaps.

She didn't say a word, nor did she smile.
But with ears perked
and eyes wide open,

she just sat in the frigid air
and stared for a while,
her green eyes

reminding me of glass marbles.
Then, she turned her head
and meowed loudly,

and I

c. Douglas Fireman


  1. Terrific! I meow back at my cat too. You just know they are talking to you and expecting an answer.

  2. My cat, Sheina, is almost twenty years old.
    She loves people, and will only drink from
    a faucet.

    The other night I had a dream that she was a feline bartender. To my astonished
    eyes, she mixed my favorite drink and served
    it to me.

    Thanks for your nice comment.