Saturday, September 19, 2009


Those valleys will hold the bones
of every grandfather who walked this land
and the hearts of every grandmother
born since the sun first rose

on the eastern sky. Their childrens' children
will sing praises and plant seeds that sprout
the grain their grandfathers
once harvested;

their grandmothers once offered, which they
planted in their hearts
as an eternal memory
of them.

c. Douglas Fireman

I discovered the painting and photographed
it while in Arizona.


  1. I love this painting..It's yours? You painted this and wrote the poem? Wonderful! Thank you for visiting my blog. As you can tell, I have a love of language too, and play with words quite a bit before I post. And I suppose it won't surprise you that I have read and written poetry as well. Word, music, art - all facets of the same, right? L'Shanah Tovah, chaver. And don't sketch (or write) and drive!

  2. Doug said...

    Hi Dan.
    I'm pleased that you like my poem.
    I came across the painting during
    a trip to Arizona. It's a favorite
    of mine too. I love the colors
    and thought the theme went perfectly
    with the poem.

    Thanks so much for dropping by, Dan.
    Your encouraging words mean a lot.
    L'Shanah Tovah to you and yours.