Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shadow On the Wall

When I saw the moonlit bicycle
beneath the old stone arch
I thought of you

Remember when I picked you up
from school We'd meet
beside the old barn

Your bicycle
was red and blue and scratched
along the back fender

Mine was painted black
and the front wheel spokes
were bent

We spent a lot of time
pedaling side by side
and promised that

no matter how many flat tires
twisted spokes or spills
we'd be there for each other

My heels clicked
against the cobblestone streets
till once again

the bike beneath the arch
with its shadow on the wall
came into view

and I thought of you...
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  1. I think the phrase "I thought of you" is so meaningful. At first it ounds so light, but in fact it can be so deep with feeling. I like your poem and the picture is beautiful.s

  2. How nice of you to drop by
    and comment, Ellen.
    Thank you.